OMV is proud to have earned the Army’s “Outstanding Minority Small Business For 2009” award by the Army’s MEDCOM at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas.

For nearly a quarter of a century, OMV has demonstrated an unfailing ability to adapt to the unique needs of each facility we work with. Whether our clients are seeking to procure a team of physicians and nurse practitioners for an occupational health center or outpatient treatment facility or find a primary care physician for an urban or rural military treatment facility, we have the capabilities to provide the right professional. Throughout our history, we have demonstrated a solid track record of:

  • Specialized knowledge: OMV maintains an extensive understanding of the local and regional healthcare marketplace, the distinctive missions of our clients, and the ever-changing healthcare trends.

  • Unparalleled capability: OMV serves a wide array of clients across the United States through our aggressive healthcare staffing and excellent management services. Our state-of-the-art internal technology resources enable us to meet our contractual obligations in the most timely and responsible manner.

  • Solid commitment: OMV is dedicated to becoming our clients’ exclusive medical staffing and management services provider. We have served many of our clients for several continuous years, which we attribute to our seasoned management team, quality contract workers, and open communication with our clients.

  • Experienced management: OMV’s executive managers possess a combined 95 years experience in clinical and contract management. All members of our operations team – including many retired military officers – are experts in their respective fields.

  • Achievements: OMV offers an enviable roster of achievements and accomplishments that propels us to the forefront of medical provision companies of our kind.

    We have been the successful awardee of Multiple Award Task Order Contracts (MATOs) by the Navy – one military services contract for every region of the United States. We were one of seven companies awarded the Air Force’s first two pilot contracts for Family Advocacy Programs in the Northeast and Southeast regions. And we were named the Army’s “Outstanding Minority Small Business for 2009” by MEDCOM at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas through the San Antonio Business Opportunity Council.