Quality Control

OMV is strongly focused on exemplary service and process improvement with an established quality assurance plan. Our team actively participates in quality assurance and improvement program initiatives and meetings scheduled monthly to review corporate processes and contract compliance. Our regular agenda may include:

  • Contract responsibilities as well as anticipated future needs and changes;
  • Methods to enhance performance including staff fill rates and relationships with customers, employees and patients;
  • Evaluating recruiting status and resources;
  • Building employee morale and retention;
  • Updating or changing corporate policies and procedures;
  • Exploring options for in-house management and clinical training;
  • Reviewing local salary trends versus employee compensation.

Twice a year, we distribute questionnaires to our onsite client supervisors, requesting a written assessment of our contract performance, quality of our employees and managers, and suggestions for improvement. We carefully read these questionnaires and implement improvements to ensure contract compliance and complete customer satisfaction.

Throughout performance, our managers work closely with our clients and communicate contract status on a weekly basis or as needed. We exercise considerable flexibility when clients need us to tailor corporate policies and procedures to match their military or corporate culture.

Working as a team provides us with the opportunity to be proactive in meeting future staffing and management needs. Our team takes great pride in its accomplishments gleaned over more than two decades, based on synergy and consistent communication. We can point to a strong employee retention rate and excellent morale as a result of competitive salaries, insurance and retirement options for employees and their family members, relocation packages, training opportunities, paid leave, continuing education benefits, performance and sign-on incentives, and far more.

In addition, our team offers a strong motivational program to recognize employees annually, as well as on special occasions when they perform above and beyond such as taking on collateral duties to assist clients.  We strongly encourage our clients to participate in this employee recognition initiative to promote team spirit.